DIMECH APERTURES is a fast growing limited liability company with Nigel Dimech as its managing director.

Throughout the years DIMECH APERTURES has acquired a reputation for outstanding quality, reliability and versatility. The company has its roots in the Aluminium business, with more than 25 years experience in this line of business.


Recently DIMECH APERTURES is also offering solutions in Thermal Brake, PVC, Glass, Steel, Wood and Wood-Aluminium. Besides a myraid of domestic projects, the company has also been entrusted with several commercial projects. As from the 8th November 2010 DIMECH APERTURES has moved their workshop to a new and bigger premises in Ibragg. The new place is intended to facilitate customer service by incorporating together the workshop, office and showroom.

DIMECH APERTURES pride itself in offering the highest quality standards for a competitive price.


Whether it is for domestic or commercial purposes, DIMECH APERTURES can help you find the perfect solution for all your needs.

The following are some examples of tailor made solutions that we can provide. Door Systems , Window Systems, Railings, Skylights, Conservatories, Balconies, Louvers, Insect screens + Roller Nets, Staircase Railings, Walkways, Custom furniture such as cupboards and all types of Double-glazing.

DIMECH APERTURES also offers maintenance support for your existing apertures. Typical maintenance support include Sealing, Jammed Wheels, Locks, Rubber, Glass Replacements, Corroded Hinged, Handle Replacements and Insect Screens repair/replacment.

  • Thermal Break Aluminum

    A thermal break or thermal barrier is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

  • Glass

    Dimech Apertures also offers the possibility of using glass for your apertures and stairs.
    Hereunder is a sample collection of our work.

  • PVC

    PVC's intrinsic properties make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is biologically and chemically resistant, making it the plastic of choice for most household window and door frames.

  • PVC

    PVC provides better thermal and acoustic insulation over aluminium apertures. Consequently your premises will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

PVC Profile

Our Partners

Suppliers of PVC

homepage : http://www.gealan.de/

Suppliers of thermal break Italian Profiles.

homepage : http://www.aluk.com/

Suppliers for transparent arcitechures

homepage : http://www.faraone.it/

Suppliers of blinds for double glaze.

homepage : http://www.sunbell.it/


Our Locations

  • Swieqi, Ibragg

    Quarry 10, Garage 6

    Ta l-Ibrag Street

    Swieqi - Ibragg

    SWQ 2039

    Phone: 79434443 / 21434443

    Mail: info@dimechapertures.com

  • Opening Hours

    Mon - Fri : 07.00am - 18.00pm

    Sat : 07.00am - 12.00pm